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They opened a Vegan Café during the pandemic, feeling supported by the community

Do you feel like having a tasty vegan break today? HELPCA knows a place in Uvita that you will love: Indómitos Café! 🥭🥥🥑

The idea of opening a café that would offer healthy vegan and vegetarian food using local and sustainable products has grown in Melisa, Osvaldo and Claudio’s mind for a couple of years. But the three Chilean guys never expected achieving their dream within this worldwide pandemic context… and opening the Café right after the COVID-19 has closed borders and put the world in a lockdown. They knew that starting a business in the catering sector now wasn’t going to be easy.

Despites the ongoing situation, though, Indómitos is doing well and keeps growing slowly but surely thanks to the community! “We really feel supported by the community, that’s why we want to give it back. It’s our duty as well to help people, by buying to local growers and vendors”. Every week, Indómitos orders fresh products on HELPCA to prepare its delicious meals. They also sell healthy and tasteful desserts made by other chefs living in the area.

The brand-new restaurant is therefore another perfect example of how using community resources can allow businesses to grow bigger and better in a sustainable and conscious way. And the interconnection is not just about organic food products. Here, the project has a bigger goal. Indómitos family also incorporates other community’s works in their open-space such as art, plants and furniture.

So you want to have a yummy and healthy breakfast or lunch but don’t feel like cooking today? Or just want a tasty coffee with a friend? Let’s meet up at Indómitos Café to support this beautiful community project and the tens of local vendors behind it. All of this in a cosy setting surrounded by plants 🌿🌴🌱 @indomitoscr

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