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Virgin “Piña Colada” Smoothie & caprese style “mini sandwiches”

Our family currently favorite Vegan & gluten free summer snack. Also If going to the beach or anywhere in nature take it with you!! And have fun with this super tasty energizing food.

Ingredients: ( Makes about 4 servings ) Smoothie

Mini sandwiches / Crakers


  1. For the drink mix in blender the pineapple in cubes without cord or peel, the coconut milk, honey and ice. Serve chilled.

  2. For our snacks, chop garlic, tomato, mushrooms and basil. Heat up pan and set at high temperature, add olive oil and start adding ingredients in the next order: garlic and mushrooms, when golden bring to lower heat and add the tomato cubes and basil. Add salt, pepper and oregano. Place one raw cracker, then a couple spoon of our italian style mix and then another cracker on top. Enjoy!! Contributed by Maria Aragon

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