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When it comes to sweets, never say no

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

You are considering yourself like a sweet-toothed person? Looking for a healthy dessert for an upcoming event or simply enjoying any sweetness in life? Don’t worry, sweets can be part of a healthy and lifelong eating pattern and La Flabellina Vegan Delights should fulfill your needs with the wide range of vegan cakes and other delights offered in our online market HELPCA!

La Flabellina… What a curious name, isn’t it? The person hiding behind it is Laura, a young 27 years old Belgian woman who moved to Uvita for her work as a marine biologist specialized in marine conservation and invertebrates. When she arrived in Costa Rica a year

ago and started working in Caño Island for her researches, the Rangers gave her the nickname “La Flabellina”; a small and colorful sea slug which looks like having long hair floating in the currents.

Some months later, Laura founded La Flabellina together with her Costa Rican boyfriend Yulian, in charge of the digital marketing in their brand-new business. She has always been cooking sweets for her friends and family and, as marine conservation isn’t the easiest field to make money, Laura saw in selling her vegan treats a way to pay the bills while keeping saving the Ocean.

“Go Vegan”

She has been exploring a lot of recipes, playing in her kitchen like a scientist in her lab, looking for the ones that people will enjoy the most. Her work as a conservationist pushes her always searching for recipes using local and healthy ingredients to have the least possible impact on the environment. And that’s also the reason why she became vegan: “I didn’t want to support big companies anymore but local farmers instead. I also noticed an improvement of my general health while consuming only organic products and I found it easier and cheaper to eat in a sustainable and healthy way by removing meat, dairies and eggs from my diet”.

Without any doubt, La Flabellina’s cakes will delight non-vegan sweet-thoots as well! “It happens a lot that people who try the chocolate pie or even the brownie for the first time don’t believe there are vegan” tells Laura. “Especially the chocolate pie which has a very creamy consistency reached by using avocado and sweet potatoes”.

Those ingredients might sound strange to some of you to put in sweet cakes but you’d be surprised by trying them!

“HELPCA as a boost for any new local business!”

For Laura and Yulian, HELPCA arrived at a time when they needed it the most. They explain: “In the case of la Flabellina, the platform has been helping us a lot in terms of visibility as it’s a really new and starting business. It has helped us to increase our orders, but also to make us known in the community. Now, it happens that people who have discovered La Flabellina through HELPCA are contacting us to cook for special events”.

You will find La Flabellina on Instagram and Facebook. Don't hesitate to follow them to look at the large selection of vegan sweet treats they offer! @la_flabellina_vegan_delights

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