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3 STEPS to receive your produce

This step-by-step-guide is targeted at ordering members that wish to get safe access to quality products, to support local, sustainable farmers and businesses and to stay connected with the community.
For a full intro to the volonteer led organisation and further ways how to get involved, please visit the website:



1.  Shop your favorite feria vendor


Enter our online virtual farmers market. 

Currently we have suppliers from the Uvita, Dominical and Tinamaste ferias in the region and adding more every day.

To make it easy to navigate to your vendor of choice, you  can sub select  your 
vendor and the category of product you want and add to your cart.

When you are done,  select the type of payment and check out!


2.  Enter your delivery information

You will be prompted to create a profile at check out. If you are a returning members enter your login and password.

Currently we have  4 delivery points Ojochal, Uvita, Dominical and Tinamaste ferias. If we have enought volume for a new area we will be looking at adding more pick up.  


Complete the online order form that will be shared by your ambassadors.

3. Receive your order and pay

All orders submitted by Wednesday at 5pm every week will be delivered the following Friday.

A pick up community schedule is communicated every week.  Once the delivery truck is arriving, we are texting all members. It enables us to organise for the crates to be organised to limited social connection and avoid group of people waiting together.

Our suppliers and logistic partners have an interest to produce, transport and deliver at high hygiene standards to secure their jobs and keep their families safe. For this, we will enforce a 2 meter distance between yourself and all others at the delivery stations. In addition, only one person will be allowed per order to do the pickup. 


Also please bring your own bags and containers. Our suppliers can in some cases pass on their boxes to the customer which then is on deposit and required to be returned the next week. They don’t wish to use plastic bags.


For payment, pre-payment is preferred to avoid exchange of notes and change. Bank transfer and Paypal are available options.
In case you do not have a local bank account or paypal account to pay this local costa rican account, please prepare one envelope for the total amount order. Round up if you do not have the exact change.
Read more in our FAQ.



ALWAYS: Feedback and suggestions

Please provide us with feedback and suggestions, so we can learn, improve and stay in touch:-)


Send directly to your ambassador.

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