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  • Do you live in Costa Rica, Costa Ballena & Puntarena areas?

  • Are you are health conscious, care about access to quality food (organic, clean, bio degradable ...) and want to secure a safe access?

  • Do you care about helping local small businesses survive during this special time?

We can do it together.  HELPCA is your VIRTUAL FARMERS MARKET.
Its community led marketplace connects healthy products vendors and customers to be able to continue to connect in a safe way  and support local small businesses.

What is HELPCA?

A community initiative to get safe access to quality produce and products to stay sane during this time.
A community based marketplace, our focus is to strengthen our connection with our local small businesses during those times.  A great way to keep our local producers engaged during this uncertain time.

It all started with our Uvita community and we are now consolidating suppliers and demand, across Uvita, Dominical and Tinamaste Ferias (farmers market) and regions to :

1.  Limiting the number of people delivering to the same home for efficiency

2.  Finding the best routes

3.  Extend the access to communities further away and new potential customers


We are carefully adding local producers who have been distributing in our local Férias and have created a catalog of products that will be delivered home or at a pick-up place in Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal with limited to no contact options.
We are looking at expanding to Quepos and others cities as we get enough critical mass (about 10 households).


How does it work?

You can find our a step by step description of our ordering process, highlighting important measures.

In summary, 

  • We have an online central ordering form.  We have on-boarded supplier from various ferias (uvita, dominical, tinamaste), we keep adding every day.  This form is to be submitted by Wednesday night for delivery on Fridays.

  • We are adding some every day and will fine tune the catalog to respond to local demand. The ordering form enables you to order to the specific productor of your choice.

  • So far, we have a catalog of 170 products, mostly vegetables and fruits that are either certified organic or without chemicals, Goat cheese, meat,  wellness natural products and super food like pollen, chia, tinctures, and also Kombucha from Mama Jungla to name a few.

  • As of now deliveries routes are at pick-up spots in Dominical, Ojochal and Uvita . We are adding spot as we have enough people from certain geographies.  Home deliveries are prioritized for family with symptoms or high risk members.
    We are working on creating routes and optimizing for maximum amount of delivery.

How to join and support this initiative?

There are several ways to connect and support whether by ordering to support local small businesses, offering your healthy earthy products to the community or come help!

1. Become an ordering member 

It is as simple as providing information about where you live, your delivery mechanism preferences (pick-up or home delivery). We will then send you our current online document for you to fill in your order.

2. Become a supplying member and list your healthy earthy products

We have opened our catalog to organic, health and earth-conscious suppliers from the Tinamaste, Uvita and Dominical ferias.

If you are looking to be added to the catalog, just submit below some basic information for our team to review and add you.

3. Become a Supporting Members & Volunteers 


We are looking for :

  • Geo ambassadors to source and be the contact person for families and suppliers of the area.

  • Tech  and logistic geniuses to develop the next iteration tools to enable us to adjust to demand  and create optimal routes for families and producers.

  • Communication wizards to keep our community, farmers up to date!

  • Space for delivery or pick up in Uvita, Dominical and Ojochal.
    Let us know If you have a space you would like to offer for us to use for delivery or pick up.

    We are 100% volunteer based and funded so far by donation from healthy lifers.
    If you would like to be a donor, Please send a note to


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