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Bliss Balls Recipe

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Wishes of Love & Peace🕊

Today I want to share one of the versions of one of my favorite raw Super nourishing desserts or sweet treat. You will not believe HOW easy making this “Bliss Balls” can be . You do need a high capacity blender like a “Vita Mix” or “Blendtec” OR any kind of food processor.

✨ Bliss Balls: ( Makes about 30 units )



( In high capacity blender ):

  1. Mix the cashews until small pieces, not completely crushed into flour. Set aside. Mix the rest of ingredients but the dehydrated coconut and mix with the nuts.

( In food processor ):

2. Mix everything together but the dehydrated coconut.

3. When you have in your hands this delicious sticky mix start making small balls. 4. When ready roll them on the dehydrated coconut.

You can keep them for about one week on the fridge in a sealed glass container.

Published by Maria Aragon

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