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Breaking Fast with a ✨Veggie Omelette

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

When I think on my 3 top breakfasts this omelet is one of them for sure. Its full of flavors, colors and nutrients.

Ingredients: ( Serves 2 portions )


  • Mix eggs, salt and milk and set aside.

  • Cut into juliennes the sweet pepper and onion. Slice the mushrooms and zuchinni. Cut the brocoli thin and small.

  • Sautee this veggies with one spoon of coconut milk, add spinach and basil at the end and cover. Set aside.

  • Place half of the eggs mix on a pre heated pan , let it dry enough to be able to turn it, when done, put veggies on half of the omelette, then the slices of tomato and cheese on top of that.

  • Cover with the other half of the omelette on the pan that does not have veggies on. I love to add a side of avocado as so can see on picture🥑

** Vegan / GF Option : Sautee veggies and add greens at the end. Do not add salt, just pepper. Try the option of mixing tahini, or an other nut butters ( Mandry's Snack or Blue Ginger) with a bit of soy sauce or tamari and put on top instead of cheese. Enjoy with homemade corn tortillas for an amazing V/GF breakfast💖 By Maria Aragon

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