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HELPCA bringing local producers to Costa Ballena’s homes!

This week we are happy to hear about the opening of the UVITA Mercado so that many local artisans can once again have their booth at the market and we are looking forward to seeing them, smelling their products, enjoying their conversation and feel the experience we all love there.

We also heard you and know not all of you can or want to go to the market. So we are happy to confirm that while we opened in a time of crisis HELPCA will continue bringing local producers to Costa Ballena’s homes under the leadership of founding vendors, Gabriela and Carolina from Solar. Here are the 3 main reasons:

  1. HELPCA will continue to ease the access to conscious farmers and artisans products and deliver it to your door! Many of you shared with us that you cannot go to the feria, for lack of time or for health reasons, and that to get access to so much diversity of conscious local vendors you had to visit many ferias. HELPCA will continue to be a market place with 70+ vendors from ferias across the regions and be accessible when you need them delivered!

  2. Continue to reduce carbon & greenhouse gas emissions Many of our farmers and artisans have also shared that with HELPCA, they have reduced their food waste. Indeed, by receiving the exact pre-orders farmers and artisans just bring the food and items needed. In addition, by pooling transportation resources and limit consumers and vendors back and forth to the markets, we remove 200 car trips every week.

  3. Continue to regenerate our local economy During the last 10 months, within the tourism turmoil, HELPCA has created 7 part time jobs and contributed to the creation of 10 new local artisans' businesses, as they found an easy way to distribute. Last but not least, we will continue to donate fresh and healthy food to more underprivileged families (+ 200 families today) and increase our reforestation effort (+ 500 trees as of today) to achieve carbon negativity. HELPCA: Your Local Producers Delivered !

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