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Homemade Pizza Time : Delicious and Easy

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

These pizzas are truly delicious, and with the option to have them vegan and gluten free. It is a quick to prepare and an amazing option for sharing with family or as an appetizer with friends. Actually since the dough and salsa ( pesto in this case ) are already in your fridge, if you have your veggies chopped already there as well, it will literally takes you 10 minutes to put it together and about 20 minutes more in the oven. · GF: Familia Hernandez has a GF and vegan crust to buy. Or there are GF flour options available to order in HELPCA catalog to make this specific style of dough and you can play around with them to make your own creations. Also · V : Cover veggies with cashew nuts butter and nutritional yeast before baking instead of goat cheese. And use a vegan pesto or tomato sauce.

Ingredients and direct links to buy on (Makes 2 medium pizzas )


  1. Chop mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli crops and peeled garlic in thin slices.

  2. Cut sweet peppers and onions in julienne.

  3. Make small pieces of goat cheese in your hands

  4. Place the artisan pizza crusts in a flat non adherent mold, spread half of pesto jar on each one.

  5. Add veggies (sweet peppers on top) and finally cover veggies with goat cheese. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

  6. Bake for about 20 mins in a medium temperature pre-heated oven and enjoy!

Contribution by Maria Aragon.

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