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Meet Amanda from Kale & Chamomile Cosmic Creations

15 years ago, Amanda was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, IBS, MCS, and many allergies and sensitivities. What she COULD eat was very limited. She was not willing to accept eating a boring bland diet.

Amanda loved being in the kitchen as long as she can remember. She has been helping her mom, grandma, and great grandma bake since she was a little girl! It was one of her favorite things to do with them. That time spent was so precious.

They taught her how to make the yummy homestyle comfort foods. She took that knowledge and began to morph the recipes to be healthier and less inflammatory (so Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, etc.) yet still delicious as can be!

She became an avid food researcher when she began down the road of learning more about where our food came from and how it was treated.

She began scouting websites and spending hours a day emailing and calling big food corporations to learn more about their products and ingredients. She then chose to vote with her dollars who she wanted to support, and who she didn't.

She can still remember the day she learned about GMO's, Round Up, and the other pesticides the big agriculture industry uses on our food. She was very saddened and was determined to fight back in whatever way she could!

That drove her to become a health coach and even create her own food line, also know as Kale and Chamomile Cosmic Creations on HELPCA Costa Ballena. Her products are very reminiscent of many of the delicious homestyle comfort foods she grew up with, yet are healthy, gluten free, organic, dairy free (some), (some) vegan, etc. So one can enjoy without the guilt!

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