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Soraya's Fatush Salad

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

One of the typical salads of my mother and father's native country, the Fatush is the combination of fresh vegetables, wrapped by the citrus of the lemon mesino so that it gives the touch of acid accompanied by salt, olive oil and a special seasoning Sumac, comes from the berries of a tree that grows in all areas of the Mediterranean and part of the Middle East. #farmtotable #costarica #recipe #buylocal #mixofculture



  1. Soak the vegetables in water with vinegar for 5 minutes

  2. Dry and chop the medium sized vegetables,

  3. Add lemon, salt, olive oil, sumac

  4. Add the pita bread and mix. It is important to make the mixture at the time you are going to serve it so that the bread does not lose its crunchy consistency or place the bread on top of the salad

Enjoy your meal !

Contributed by Soraya from Clandestine Food, check their offering on HELPCA.

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