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Strawberries & Blackberries Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

These days I have been making a Lot of ice cream at home, its been pretty hot and sunny the weather and its so refreshing and nourishing to enjoy this treats at home.

This are the 3 main reasons WHY we Love to make them:

  • Let us keep ¨sensitive¨fruits like strawberries x ex, for a longer time during the week BY freezing them.

  • Make easy to increase our ingestion of nuts,seeds and super foods cause they make the ice cream SO Creamy!...

  • Help us to avoid on buying NON healthy ice creams or commercial treats and/or buying less from the commercial healthy ones. Here is one of my Latest favorite ones:

Ingredients: ( Makes about 6 servings ) - Blackberries / 1 cup * Finca Siberia - Strawberries / 1 cup * Finca Siberia - Bananas / 3 units * Andrey Ureña - Coconut Milk / 1 cup * Productos de coco punta lagarto - Tahinni / 3 tablespoons * Mandrys - Cinnamon powder / 1/2 teaspoon * Luna Sol - Cacao nibs [ optional ] / 3 tablespoons * Cacao Magic Costa Rica - Costa Rica All products are available on for costa ballena, costa rica.

Directions: 1. Freeze the amount needed ( or more ) of strawberries blackberries and RIPE bananas as soon as you receive your order, ( that way you have them ready for whenever you need them ). Also make as much 1 cup portion bags of your fresh coconut milk as you want as soon as you get it. 2. When fruits and milk are frozen, place them in the high capacity blender or food processor with the rest of ingredients. Best if made Just before serving it.

3. Garnish with cacao nibs if desired.

Published by Maria Aragon

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