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HELPCA Abundance Mantra: more offer, more demand, more precaution, more generosity!

Updated: May 15, 2020

Hello #HELPCA community,

This week ordering window is now open until Wednesday 5pm. The ordering form is now posted in the WhatsApp support group for all signed-up members. .

Note: If you are not signed up and want to order this week please do so here by Tuesday evening: .

What’s new this week? . We now have over 50 ordering families; you can access your ordering form by alphabetical orders. We are considering 5 pick-up points: Ojochal, Uvita, Dominical, Platanillos, and Tinamaste, if we have enough members ordering in each area. . We now have 11 local vendors represented. You can now quickly identify who they are on our website at 👉 & in the ordering form as we organised it per supplying partners to be able to support the vendor you trust!

. They offer 350+ products ranging from vegetables, fruits, legumes, flour, super food, gluten free and artisan breads and pastries, goat cheese dairy, chicken, eggs, lamb meat to nut products and chocolate, holistic wellness products and Kombucha. . We will offer advance payment options to avoid money exchange at delivery with the goal to offer PAYPAL overtime! · . After our experience this week, we will be introducing a delivery fee. While only volunteers are working on this project, there are some additional work for consolidation of all orders, truck, gas and workers for delivery routes that we are looking to cover. We are considering 1500 colones delivery charge for each household orders that will be added to all orders, per household. We will revise this cost regularly. . We are increasing health protection procedures after good meetings with the local municipality representatives, OSA ADI Asociacións and other local NGOs. This is for the security of our supplying partners, volunteers and ordering members. Your ambassadors will communicate those with you soon. . We offer you the option to donate food for a family in need by selecting a food box gift. We are developing partnerships with Fundación SOMOS disaster relief committee and the Ojochal Family Support Group to support local families in need. . Thanks to our amazing volunteers team for working day and night to create this marketplace for our local ferias vendors can stay engaged with their customers while everyone is staying SAFE! Carolina Mata Diana Duhaime Gabriela Camino Adriane Gil Leslie Beez Ragna Schmidt-Haupt Lizzie Towsley

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