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Restrictions tightened but community unity made it happen!

What a delivery day again. Yesterday, we delivered 🚛 all orders to 11 delivery points to enable each of our members to get their earth bounty while respecting the new restrictions. ❤️ Our local vendors and farmers are very grateful for YOUR support to them. You are enabling locally grown, healthy, natural products's economy survive!

Our ambassadors Jaime Rothbard and Erika Karnitz went beyond and above to deliver to the last miles delivery. Jaime even drove south right before curfew to help making an exchange 2 members with a very close names brought home packages of someone else.

I am feeling uplifted by this community. Last week we have asked for more help from the community to support the growing operation and 3 members stepped in! Maria Aragon stepped in as a new ambassador, taking on some of the new members as we have now over 125. 2 other members, Ryan Elegido Wilson and @chris volunteered to support packing YOUR boxes. They made some magic happen today. This is what happen when a community comes together! We loved our new resources to make it easier for all of us, but did you know? Our 💥 new ordering platform💥 enables you to manage your own personal information such as geo pin, pick up location etc…. And if you need to review your orders, you can find them under my account or the automated confirmation receipt you received! Second, if you have any questions, we have created some new resources so that you can find answers more easily on your own. Please bookmark this FAQ page, we keep updating it regularly! Our core volunteer team Jaime Rothbard, Adriane Gil, Ragna Schmidt-Haupt have been our rock, working up to 5 hours a day! While we have been focusing on improving our operations to reduce the number of man hours, we need more of you to be able to spread the workload, please reach out to me or your ambassador if you can drive, organize, be an ambassador to new members, we need you to be able to sustain this wonderful initiative as we love it! For now, the shop is open and any orders received in between now and next Wednesday 5pm will be delivered Friday 16!

Enjoy your produce and a good Easter week!

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