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How To Green Your Home?

We carefully watch what goes into our mouths but not often what goes on our bodies. In fact, the average house may contain as many as 400 chemicals, some of them toxic, many untested, according to a 2009 study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Short-term contact with one toxin in small amounts isn't going to kill you. But with so many questionable chemicals swirling around us, "you definitely want to take simple measures whenever possible to lower your exposure," says Phil Brown, PhD, director of the Social Science Environ-mental Health Research Institute at Northeastern University in Boston.

Meet the artisans making your home eco-friendly & sustainable

We are lucky to have many conscious artisans in Costa Rica creating products to keep our home and our lands clean

Meet Dos Ricardos offering All Natural Vegetable based Candles and Soaps. No Petroleum Based Products, No Paraffin, No Synthetic Scents. Handmade here in Southern Costa Rica.

Here are some of their Eco Friendly Home Items:

· 50 and 30 hour Candles in Glass Jars

· Dish Soap (solid use with sponge, long lasting)

· Bars

Meet Lady Vitality, Adriane is a licensed Esthetician going on 9 years, she has transformed her practice into a fully Holistic Esthetics practice. She specializes in Hydration, Gut health, Nutrition, and Skin. Featured Natural skin care products:

Meet Caro and Gabi SOLAR have been pioneers in eco living. 7 years ago the decided to bring healthy products that were not available to costa bellena. Featured eco living products:

Access Carolina & Gabi SOLAR online store on HELPCA community marketplace.

Meet Ra

ven who developed Raven's Remedies which are based on plants and natural remedies earth provide to us. Featured products:

Access Raven's Remedies online store on HELPCA community marketplace.

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