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Uvita celebrated the opening of the Whale Tail Brewery

Last weekend, Uvita celebrated the opening of the Whale Tail Brewery! Some of HELPCA’s members went to the inauguration to congratulate the owners and enjoy their local artisanal beer. How pleasant it was to gather with the community to (re)discover those naturally crafted beverages in a taproom decorated with taste 🍺

The Whale Tail Brewery has been founded in 2017 by Peter Marschall and Gian Michele. The idea of starting a beer brewing company here came to Peter because of his love for the jungle and the quality of its water, which is very important in the brewing process. Then he met Gian Michele, a Brewmaster with more than 17 years’ experience, who used to be managing his own brewery back in Italy. Together both men have succeeded in combining the European beer styles with the spirit of the tropic jungle of Costa Rica 🇨🇷

As the pandemic had prevented the brewery from opening its doors before, The Whale Tail is thankful to HELPCA for the help delivering their products to customers living in places more difficult to access. As many local businesses, the brewery has been going through a hard time. “But we trust in this project and we know that difficult times will pass”, told Giovanny Montero, community manager of Whale Tail. “The initiative of HELPCA means so much for us, because it is a bridge between us and our customers who are also our friends. I’d like encourage people to start using HELPCA, it is a useful tool for us, while it benefits the community” 💪

Bitter Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Double IPA & Porter. There is something for every taste! You will love taking a seat at the new Brew Bar to enjoy a cold beer direct from the tap. But if you are more enjoying having it at home, it’s okay too: You also can add your favorite beverages to your future HELPCA’s orders to relax after a day of work or offer a friend a fresh and tasty treat when visiting you 🚚🍻

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