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Tropical Style “Chorreadas”

This recipe is an authentic Costa Rican Recipe. I certainly love all kind of bread but when it comes to corn I choose any of it versions without a doubt. Corn is actually a seasonal vegetable in our country, so there are only about two times during the year that we have the pleasure to enjoy it as a fresh local “farm to table” delight. The typical ones are made with cow milk, butter and white sugar, and tic@s eat them with sour cream……., they are very delicious, although I was very interested on creating a Vegan & Tropical version of it to share with my family and healthy clients. I hope you love them as much as we do¡

Ingredients (6 units )


  1. Take the kernels out of the cob with a knife very carefully, discard the cob in compost

  2. Place the kernels in a blender or vitamix with the coconut flour, coconut milk and salt.

  3. Preheat a non stick or iron pan, add a tiny bit of coconut oil and spread it with a paper towel.

  4. Then add a couple of spoons of the mix we blend and with the help of a spoon spread it into a circle shape that its not thicker than half of a centimeter.

  5. We want to use medium to low heat, to cook properly. When golden on the bottom, ( use a spatula to lift it and look ) flip it and cook until that side is golden as well.

My favorite side for this tasty chorreadas is a fresh organic abundant salad as always 🙂 , adding goat cheese cream is also one of my daughter’s favorite options to go with them.


Contributed by Maria Aragon

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