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Vegan milks: environmental and healthy-wise alternatives to cow’s milk

There are a multitude of reasons why people decide to drink plant-based milks as an alternative to cow's milk. Lactose intolerance, for environmental reasons, to avoid products derived from animals, or simply out of curiosity or preference ... But what is certain is that consuming plant-based milk is good for your health by giving your body an important dietary contribution.

Nuts as almonds, peanuts, cashews are rich in natural fat which is good to prevent heart diseases but don’t have the cholesterol that cow’s milk normally contains. Plant-based milks are also high in protein, fiber, zinc, iron and vitamins while some of them like Hemp milk contain omega 3 and 6…

Switching to a vegan diet in a concern for the environment

Adriana started consuming non-dairy milk while studying environmental sciences and marine biology. Studying and analyzing the negative environmental impacts of cattle and fish industries has led her to go vegan. But according to the 28-year-old woman, buying non-dairy products in the supermarket is not enough.

"It's already a good thing that the people have the option to buy almond, soy, coconut milk at the supermarket, she explains. But the Tetra Brik container is unfortunately a material which is very difficult to recycle. Very few of these containers are currently recycled. So it's not ideal for the environment either”

It is for all these reasons, and because the arrival of COVID-19 has slowed down her professional activity as a diving instructor and marine biologist that Adriana has decided to start selling the milks she produces, in reused glass bottles. And #OCTONUT is born!

Using organic and local products

Adriana uses almost exclusively local and organic products when it comes to choosing her ingredients. Cashews and peanuts, for example, come from local and national producers and suppliers, as well as the vanilla, cinnamon and cane sugar she uses to complement her beverages. Sun flower seeds come from Nicaragua.

It is important to her that nothing gets wasted or spoiled. She reuses the pulp collected in the nuts milk sock to cook pastries, hummus, pesto, granola, cereals and more. And if you are a moderate milk drinker and are afraid of wasting the one you bought, Adriana has the solution: you just need to freeze it in ice cubes. You can then thaw a cube or two, as you wish, to spice up your coffee or prepare your smoothie whenever you feel like it.

"HELPCA gave me the opportunity to start my business"

“I think HELPCA is an amazing initiative that gives everyone in the community the opportunity to sell products that we might not have thought of selling in the first place. This allows anyone to develop one's own business by initiating the sale of a product that he or she used to prepare for personal consumption! I would like to thank the entire team of HELPCA volunteers for their professionalism and the excellent organization of the platform "

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