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Costa Rican Tropical Salad

Sunny days are already here to stay!

Lets share with family and friends with this super energetic and yummy fresh salad.

Ingredients (Serves about 6 people )


  1. Wash and spin lettuce and arugula. Peel and wash uchuvas. Wash strawberries and drain very well. Peel avocados and cut in squares. Cut onions in juliennes.

  2. Mix gently everything in a bowl. Sprinkle each plate with sesame and poppy seeds.

  3. For dressing mix in a blender the next ingredients: cashew nuts, olive oil, garlic, apple cider, honey.

  4. Shred cheese on top or Nutritional yeast.

  5. Serve with ciabatta toasts or raw crackers. Set dressing on table.


Contributed by Maria Aragon

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